In keeping maximum results in mind, my approach to operational diagnosis is purely about numbers.  Numbers that will enhance profitability and improve the bottom line while keeping in mind the mission and vision of the client. 

The audit begins with a thorough and systematic financial evaluation which leads to a targeted assessment of current operating systems, standards, cost control, food quality, price/value relationships and last but not least, execution. The deliverables are a thorough assessment of current operations and specific recommendations for enhancing revenue, improving efficiency throughout while maximizing profitability.



“commences with numbers and ends with results”

Operational Diagnosis

Select List of Services Provided :

- P&L Analysis

- Structured budgeting process creation

- Concept Assessment

- Food Cost Reduction

- Productivity Improvement

- Standardization

- Management Assessment

- Corporate Restructuring

- Sales-Driving Strategies

- Marketing Initiatives

- Food & Beverage Promotions

- Menu Ideation

- Recipe Development

- Menu Engineering for Maximum Profitability

- Plate Presentation & Recipe Enhancements